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How to distinguish the quality of LED application products
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With the wide application of LED products, especially the growing demand for LED lighting, the demand for high-power LED is increasing, and the quality requirements for LED are also increasing. It is very important to select high quality LED. Here are some tests for the quality of LED.

Forward Voltage Testing: The range of forward voltage needs to be within the permission of circuit design. Many customers design driving light-emitting tubes to light up by voltage. The magnitude of forward voltage will directly affect the overall parameters of the circuit, thus bringing hidden dangers to product quality. In addition, for some products with circuit power requirements, it is hoped that the lower the forward voltage under the same luminous efficiency, the better.

LED lamps and lanterns

Luminous flux classification: Luminous flux value is an index that LED users are concerned about. LED application customers must know the range of LED fluxes they use, so as to ensure the uniformity and consistency of their product brightness.

LED Application Products

Reverse leakage current test: Reverse leakage current is lower than the required value under a certain voltage. In the production process, the reverse leakage current of LED is too high due to static electricity, chip quality and other factors, which will bury a great hidden danger to the application products of LED. It is easy to cause the dead light of LED after using for a period of time.

LED Application Products

Main wavelength classification: For monochrome LED, the main wavelength is an important indicator to measure its color parameters. The main wavelength directly reflects the visual perception of the human eye to the LED.

LED lamps and lanterns

Color rendering index classification: color rendering index is directly related to the degree of discoloration of objects illuminated by light. It is very important for the parameters of LED lighting products.

Relative color temperature grading: For white LEDs, color temperature is a parameter used to represent their color industry. This parameter can directly show whether the color of the LED is warm or cold or white.

Color coordinates x, y classification: for white or monochrome light can be used to express the color parameters of the LED in which color area, generally requires four points x, y to determine a color area. It is necessary to ensure that the LED falls within the required four-point x, Y color area through certain testing means.

To sum up the above points, we can adopt two schemes for effective spectrophotometric separation. One is to control and classify the quality by manual cooperation in a large number of processes from voltage measurement to leakage current to luminous flux to spectrum. One is through the professional high-power LED spectrophotometer for automatic classification, high efficiency, fast speed, can be achieved for each LED spectrophotometer.

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