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Do you understand the basic terms of LED?
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Luminous flux: symbol_, unit lumen Lm. Explanation: the sum of the amount of light emitted by a luminous body per second, that is, luminous flux.


Light Intensity: Symbol I, unit Candela cd, illustration: luminous flux emitted by a luminous body in a specific direction within a single solid angle.


Illuminance: Symbol E, unit Lux Lm/m2, illustration: luminous flux per unit area of the illuminated object.


Brightness: Symbol L, unit of Nitte cd/m2, illustration: luminous flux per unit area of solid angle in a specific direction.


Light efficiency: Lm/w per watt, indicating the ability of an electric light source to convert electrical energy into light, expressed by the flux of light emitted divided by the amount of electricity consumed.


Average Life: Unit Hours, Description: refers to the number of hours when a batch of bulbs is damaged to 50% of the quantity.


Economic life: Unit of hours, indicating that the output of the integrated beam is reduced to a specific number of hours when both the damage of the bulb and the attenuation of the beam output are taken into account. This proportion is 70% for outdoor light sources and 80% for indoor light sources such as fluorescent lamps.


Color temperature: When the color of light emitted by a light source is the same as that emitted by a black body at a certain temperature, the temperature of the black body is called the color temperature of the light source. Light source color temperature is different, light color is also different, color temperature below 3300 K has a stable atmosphere, warm feeling; color temperature at 3000-5000K for the intermediate color temperature, there is a refreshing feeling; color temperature above 5000K has a cold feeling. The best environment is composed of different light sources, color temperature > 5000k: light color is cool (blue-white), cold atmosphere effect; color temperature is 3300-5000K: light color is middle (white), refreshing atmosphere. Effectiveness; color temperature,

Color rendering: The color rendering of light source is expressed by the color rendering index, which indicates that the color deviation of object under light can reflect the color characteristics of light source more comprehensively than that of reference light (sunlight). There are two kinds of color rendering: faithful color rendering, which can correctly represent the original color of the material needs to use a light source with a high color rendering index (Ra), whose value is close to 100, and the color rendering is the best; the effect of color rendering should be clearly emphasized on specific colors, and the life of beauty can be enhanced by adding colors. Because the composition of the spectrum in light is different, the color rendering of the lamp may be different even if the light color is the same.

Luminaire efficiency: also known as light output coefficient, is an important criterion to measure the energy efficiency of lamp utilization. It is the ratio between the light energy output of the lamp and the light energy output of the light source in the lamp.

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