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Which kind of LED ceiling lamp is good for home decoration
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LED ceiling lamp is a new type of ceiling lamp made of LED chip and aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity.

LED ceiling lamp is widely used in the field of commercial lighting, such as shopping malls, office buildings, factories, etc., and the field of home lighting is still slowly penetrating. How to choose the LED ceiling lamp is an urgent concern of every user. LED ceiling lamps are widely used in commercial lighting. The specifications are single (one LED bead, the following analogies), three, five, seven, nine, twelve, fifteen, and the power of each bead is 1W, 3W. Various specifications are suitable for use in different places, mainly depending on the brightness required by the user, irradiation distance, installation width and so on.


The choice of LED ceiling lamp is mainly considered from the following three aspects:


1. Look at the radiators used in lamps:


The speed of bead heat dissipation determines the light decay degree and service life of the whole lamp. Lighting beads work in high temperature for a long time, light decay is very fast, life is very short, and the ceiling lamp with poor brightness can not get the effect of key lighting.


LED ceiling lamp radiator scheme, the mainstream is the integral radiator mode, a single bead and a radiator column mode, there are external fan radiator mode, and so on.


The size of radiator and the quality of aluminium affect the speed of heat dissipation and the price of the whole lamp.


2. Look at the power supply of lamps (commonly known as transformers):


The quality of transformer also determines the life of the whole lamp. It is no problem to use the lamp beads for more than 50,000 hours, but if the transformer breaks down, the whole lamp will not be able to turn on. The electronic components and design schemes used in transformers determine the efficiency, power factor, stability, temperature rise and service life of transformers.


If the user does not know the knowledge of components, he can make a preliminary judgment from the size and weight of transformer, and consult the electrolytic capacitor used by the manufacturer. The quality of transformer accounts for a large proportion of the price difference of LED ceiling lamp.


3. Understanding the brand and package of lamp beads:


The quality of the beads determines the lighting effect of the LED ceiling lamp, and the packaging process affects the quality of the beads, heat dissipation and other key factors. The lamp bead chips include American chips, Taiwan chips, domestic chips and so on. Different brands have different prices and lighting effects.


Users can learn about the bulb scheme by consulting manufacturers, depending on the integrity of LED lighting manufacturers. The price of ceiling lamp is very low. Many of them are made of defective products laid down by chip production line. The color temperature is inconsistent, the brightness is poor and the life is short. Users need to pay attention to it.

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